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What are the equipment for crushing mica?

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Mica is a kind of rock-forming ore. Because of its insulation, high temperature resistance, and stable chemical properties, it not only has great uses in industry and building materials industries, but also has great value in the pharmaceutical industry. Crushing is an important step in the production and processing of mica. What are the equipment for crushing mica?


Jaw Crusher

Coarse crushing is the primary task of processing mica. In the production and processing of mica, jaw crusher is a widely used equipment.
jaw crusher
The outstanding advantages of the equipment are:
1. It has a deep crushing cavity, which can crush more mica, thereby improving the crushing efficiency of the equipment.
2. The use of advanced production technology effectively enhances the crushing strength of the equipment.
3. The wedge adjustment device replaces the gasket adjustment device, which makes the adjustment of the equipment more convenient and fast.
4. Select bearings with higher specifications and stronger wear resistance, so that the equipment has a higher bearing capacity.
5. The number of broken mica cubes is increased, and the amount of dust is low, which reduces the pollution of dust and noise to the environment during production.

Hammer Crusher

The hammer crusher also has a good effect on the crushing of mica.
hammer crusher
The characteristics of the equipment during operation are as follows:
1. The material can be crushed and formed at one time, which simplifies the crushing process and saves the crushing time.
2. The user can effectively control the discharge granularity of the equipment according to the actual production needs.
3. The hammer head adopts advanced production technology, which reduces the wear and tear during operation and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher is a new type of high-efficiency crushing equipment, which is favored by users in the market.
cone crusher
It not only saves energy, but also has the following characteristics:
1. Using the crushing principle of lamination, materials with different particle sizes can be selectively crushed to improve the crushing efficiency of the equipment.
2. Simple structure and reasonable design facilitate the user's operation and maintenance in production and reduce the floor space of the equipment.
3. Equipped with over-iron protection device and automatic control system, which avoids the wear and tear of the equipment during production and increases the life of the equipment.
4. The hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly and efficiently remove the crushing cavity, reducing the downtime of the equipment during production.

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