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The use of potassium feldspar powder

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Potassium feldspar ore is ground by industrial ore mill to obtain potassium feldspar powder of 80 mesh to 2500 mesh, which can be used in many industries after modification.

Domestic potassium feldspar resources are abundant, but the iron content exceeds the standard. Therefore, potassium feldspar iron removal is the key to purification. Iron is a magnetic substance, while potassium feldspar is a non-magnetic substance, and the two are easily separated in a magnetic field.
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Potassium feldspar raw material - crushing - grinding - classification - dehydration - finished product, this process is suitable for raw materials with low iron content and good quality. Pre-crusher is used for coarse crushing and fine crushing. In order to prevent the contamination of potassium feldspar by iron during processing, it is easy to use turbines, gravel mills or porcelain ball mills, ultra-fine laminated autogenous mills, etc. when selecting grinding equipment. As a grinding equipment, a spiral classifier is used to ensure the particle size of the product. The process is simple and the investment is low. The disadvantage of this process is that the content of iron in the product is difficult to meet the requirements of high-quality ceramic products. In order to overcome the shortcomings of this process and increase the magnetic separation process, it has been proved that the selection of wet high gradient magnetic separator has a good iron removal effect, and the iron removal efficiency reaches 70%-90%.
1. Potassium feldspar is used to produce potash fertilizer after being pulverized by a milling machine. Potassium feldspar to produce potash fertilizer. Potash fertilizer is an important fertilizer for crop growth
2. Potassium feldspar fireproof calcium silicate board
The principle of using potassium feldspar to make calcium silicate board is to make the raw material into slurry, mix it evenly in proportion (potassium feldspar powder: lime: fiber = 229:91:80), and use flow slurry to make the prepared slurry. The slabs are made by the process, and the slabs are stacked and sent to the autoclave, and the high-temperature and high-pressure steam is cured, so that the silicon-alumina in the material and the calcium oxide in the lime can generate calcium silicate hydrate under the action of high-temperature hydrothermal reaction, and the hydrated calcium silicate is hydrated. Calcium silicate crystalline mineral, cemented with fibers to form a whole.
3. Use potassium feldspar to prepare potassium fertilizer and at the same time prepare silica
The potassium content in the potassium feldspar is 13.6%. According to the characteristics of the remaining mineral stone after potassium extraction, comprehensive utilization research is carried out: the principle of preparing silica is based on the fact that the potassium feldspar structure has been destroyed after potassium extraction, and then , react with NaOH at a certain temperature to prepare water glass, add an appropriate amount of electrolyte while diluting with water, neutralize with acid and age at constant temperature, and then filter and wash to obtain white carbon black.
4. Other uses
(1) Ceramic body ingredients: Feldspar can act as a barren raw material before firing, reduce drying shrinkage and deformation of the green body, improve drying performance, and shorten drying time. During sintering, it can be used as a flux to reduce the sintering temperature, promote the melting of quartz and kaolin, and infiltrate each other in the liquid phase to accelerate the formation of mullite. The feldspar glass body generated in the melting is filled between the mullite grains of the green body, so that the green body is dense and the voids are reduced, thereby improving its mechanical strength and dielectric properties. In addition, the formation of feldspar glass can also improve the light transmittance of the green body. The amount of feldspar added to the ceramic body varies with different raw materials and different product requirements.
(2) Glass flux: Feldspar is one of the main components of glass mixture. Feldspar contains high Al2O3, low iron content, and is more fusible than alumina. It not only has a low melting temperature but also a wide melting range. It is mainly used to increase the alumina content in glass ingredients, reduce the melting temperature in glass production and increase the alkali content. , in order to reduce the amount of alkali. In addition, the process of feldspar melting into glass is relatively slow, and its crystallization ability is small, which can prevent crystals from being precipitated during the glass formation process and damage the product. Feldspar can also be used to adjust the viscosity of glass. Generally, potassium feldspar or albite is used for various glass mixtures.
(3) Ceramic glaze: Ceramic glaze is mainly composed of feldspar, quartz and clay raw materials, of which the feldspar content can reach 10-35%. Potassium feldspar is mainly used in the ceramic industry (blanks and glazes).
(4) Enamel raw materials: mainly use feldspar and other mineral raw materials to blend into flan. The incorporation of feldspar is usually 20-30%.

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