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What equipment is used for granite crushing?

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Among the mineral particles that make up granite, 90% are feldspar and quartz, and these two minerals are very hard and difficult to scratch with a steel knife, making granite very hard. The density of granite is very high, its mineral particles are tightly embedded with each other, and the porosity is only 1%, which makes granite very strong in compression and difficult to break.


Can hammer break granite?

Yes, but the cost is a bit high.

 hammer crusher


Although hammer crushing can be "one-hammer forming", it is only for the treatment of medium and soft materials. It is used for the treatment of high hardness materials such as granite, which not only fails to achieve that effect, but also causes certain damage to the equipment.


Especially for the main component hammer, the material with higher crushing hardness will be more worn, and the replacement frequency will be high, which will undoubtedly increase the maintenance cost in the later period. Therefore, it is not recommended to use hammer crushing to deal with granite.



What is the best crusher for granite?

Since hammer crushing is not very suitable for granite crushing, which equipment is suitable? It is recommended that you use a cone crusher.

cone crusher


1. High output: The combination of high-performance crushing cavity and high crushing frequency greatly improves the processing capacity of the cone crusher, and the hourly output of a single machine can reach 2181 tons.


2. Good grain shape: The principle of inter-granular lamination and crushing is adopted, and the crushed products are mostly cubic structure, which reduces the needle-like material to a greater extent.


3. Low operating cost: The optimized design of the crushing cavity and lining material makes the utilization rate of the lining higher. The assembled dustproof system can keep the equipment clean at all times, prolong the service life of lubricating oil, and reduce labor maintenance costs.


4. High degree of automation: The automatic control system can realize the functions of overload protection, over-iron protection, and constant discharge port in the crushing process. And can realize real-time monitoring of oil temperature, flow, pressure, load, outlet size and other parameters to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.


5. High bearing capacity: The optimized design of the reinforced frame structure, the "simply supported beam" main shaft structure supported at both ends, the dynamic pressure lubricated copper sleeve structure, and the sensitive and reliable overload protection system can ensure that the equipment can withstand hard minerals. The crushing of rock runs stably for a long time.




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