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What equipment is needed to make cat litter with bentonite?

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Bentonite cat litter is the most commonly used cat litter, with bentonite as the main component, commonly known as agglomerated cat litter, with small white or gray-white particles. By adding porous material - zeolite, the ammonia absorption effect of cat litter is enhanced, and bentonite is sodiumized, which acts as both an adsorbent and a binder to improve the strength of cat litter particles and reduce dust. Good, so it is favored by cat lovers.


Bentonite cat litter production equipment

The production of bentonite cat litter is the same as the equipment required for the production process of general machine-made sand. The main equipments are: jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher, and sand making machine.

Jaw Crusher

Large pieces of bentonite need to be roughly crushed with a jaw crusher first. The cavity of the machine is deep and there is no dead zone, so there is no need to worry about blockage. The finished product has a particle size adjustment range of 10-350mm and a uniform particle size, which is helpful for the second-stage crushing treatment.
jaw crusher

impact crusher

As a secondary crushing link, the bentonite that has been roughly crushed by the jaws comes to the impact crusher and continues to be crushed. Because the hardness of the bentonite cat litter is not high, it is more suitable to choose an impact crusher, and the discharge reaches about 50mm.
impact crusher

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