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High pressure grinding mill VS Ordinary grinding mill

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High pressure grinding mill


The complete set of high-pressure grinding mill equipment consists of main engine, reducer, analyzer, piping device, blower, dust collector, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric control system, etc.


In the main engine of the high-pressure grinding mill, the grinding roller assembly is suspended on the grinding roller hanger through the cross-arm shaft, and the grinding roller hanger is fixedly connected with the main shaft and the blade holder. The pressure spring presses on the outer end face of the cantilever of the bearing chamber of the grinding roller, and takes the cross arm shaft as the fulcrum to force the grinding roller to press tightly on the inner surface of the grinding ring.
When the motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the transmission device, the blade mounted on the blade holder rotates synchronously with the grinding roller, and the grinding roller rotates around its own axis while rolling in the inner circle of the grinding ring. The motor drives the analyzer to rotate through the transmission device. The higher the impeller speed is, the finer the powder is.
In order to ensure that the mill works under negative pressure, the increased air flow is discharged into the bag filter through the residual air pipe between the fan and the main engine, and then discharged into the atmosphere after being purified.
high pressure grinding mill
1. Special design of high pressure mill. In the grinding chamber of the main machine, a pressurizing device of 1500kg-2000kg is designed on the upper part of the plum blossom stand. Under the same power, the output is increased by 10-30%, the grinding force of the grinding device on the material is increased by 800-1500kg, and the fineness of the finished product can reach 1000 mesh.
2. The high-pressure grinding mill has strong material applicability and can be used for various materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3.
3. The dust removal effect of the high pressure grinding mill can reach the national standard.
4. The grinding roller device of the high-pressure pulverizer adopts mature processing technology, and the overlapping multi-stage sealing ensures a good sealing effect.
5. The high-pressure grinding mill has a long replacement cycle for the grinding rollers and grinding rings, which excludes the short replacement cycle of the wearing parts of the centrifugal pulverizer.
Ordinary grinding mill
When the traditional grinding mill is working, the improper flow rate of the gas-powder mixture in the pipeline and the pulverized coal dust collection system will easily cause the deposition of pulverized coal, or cause static sparks, which are easy to explode.
The air ducts of the grinding mills in the traditional mills are all straight-type air ducts. This structure has disadvantages such as airflow impacting the air duct plate to generate resistance, large energy loss due to collision between airflow molecules, and easy generation of eddy currents, leading to air duct blockage.
1. Green and environmental protection: The pulse-curved air duct has good dust collection efficiency, which effectively ensures the reduction of dust operations in the workshop.
2. Thorough cleaning: The curved air duct uses compressed air to clean each filter bag separately. The cleaning kinetic energy is high, and the cleaning is more thorough. Thereby preventing the long-term backlog of pulverized coal and reducing the hidden danger of spontaneous combustion caused by the long-term retention of pulverized coal on the filter bag.
3. Anti-static: Static sparks are the cause of spontaneous combustion of pulverized coal, and anti-static filter bags are used in the curved air duct.
4. Explosion-proof device: The explosion-proof device is a key point in the development of the coal mill explosion-proof bag dust collector. The key to preventing the spontaneous combustion and self-explosion of pulverized coal is to predict the explosion as soon as possible, and take corresponding measures to prevent the occurrence of the explosion. One of the obvious precursors to an explosion is a sudden change in pressure, so it is safer for us to adopt an automatic pressure relief type explosion-proof door.

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