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What equipment is used for flake sand making?

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Flakes refer to stones with irregular shape and side length not less than 15 cm obtained after mining and screening. Because of their large particle size, they are generally reprocessed. 


Flakes are often used as cushions or filling stone walls. They are easily confused with rough stones and block stones. They are divided into many types, such as highway slope protection flakes, river channel embankment flakes, etc. The resources are relatively abundant and the mining cost is relatively low, so they are used Sand making is great.
After being processed by equipment such as crushers and flake sand making machines, rock particles with a particle size of less than 4.75mm can be obtained. In addition, fine sand (0.35-0.25mm), medium sand (0.5-0.35mm), coarse sand ( 0.5mm or more) and other specifications, used in construction, municipal, transportation and other construction projects.

Flake sand making equipment

According to the characteristics of the material, this flake sand making machine has been developed. It has a new generation of products with a number of independent research and development features. It combines the two working methods of stone-on-stone and stone-on-iron, with an output of 40-650 tons per hour. It is well received in the machine-made sand industry.
stone crusher impact crusher
● Flexible feeding method
By adjusting the feeding device of the hopper, it is easy to realize the conversion between the two modes of "waterfall feeding + center feeding" and "full center feeding". Adjusting the angle of the distribution plate can avoid the direct impact of the material on the impeller and reduce the abnormal wear and tear.
● Good grain shape
Four-port impeller design, large material throughput, coupled with the large discharge port design, the material discharge is smoother, and the material is discharged through the hydraulic adjustment system. The finished product is relatively fine, and the grain shape is mostly polygonal, with a larger specific surface area. .
● Enhanced crushing cavity
Taking into account the wear-resistant peripheral guard plate and rock self-crushing characteristics, the developed low-loss wear structure reduces wear costs and increases crushing efficiency.
● Consumable parts are more wear-resistant
The adoption of new technology and new materials prolongs the life of wearing parts, effectively reducing downtime maintenance time and wear of wearing parts. After partial wear of the peripheral guard plate, the head can be turned up and down for use, with high utilization rate and lower operating cost.

Flake sand production process

Flake sand making machine complete set of equipment:
Vibrating feeder→jaw crusher→impact crusher→flake sand making machine→vibrating screen→sand washing machine→conveyor→silo storage. 
Feed particle size: ≤560mm
Processing capacity: 200 tons per hour
Output specification: 0-5mm
production process.png

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