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Deep processing of waste tire pyrolysis carbon black

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What is the use value of the carbon black produced by the waste tire pyrolysis equipment?

In addition to tire oil, also known as fuel oil, waste tires are refined to produce steel wire and carbon black, as well as combustible gases. The black side of the tire is due to the addition of carbon black to the rubber. Carbon black has excellent reinforcing properties for rubber and can endow tires with excellent wear resistance.
The waste tires are cracked by the refining equipment, and the rubber components are turned into oil and gas from the outlet of the cracking furnace. After the cracking furnace is completed, the rest is carbon black and tire steel wire.
The output ratio of these three kinds of waste tire pyrolysis is: tire oil 40%, carbon black 30%, steel wire 15%, in addition to these main components. That is to say, one ton of waste tires can produce about 0.3 tons of carbon black.
Coarse carbon black after tire pyrolysis is a black powdery solid substance that needs to be transported and stored in a closed environment. Carbon black itself can be reused, but if it is not handled properly, it will easily cause secondary pollution and waste of resources.
Carbon black is also very useful, but tire refining carbon black belongs to coarse carbon black, because it is a semi-reinforcing carbon black grade, it can partially replace general carbon black as reinforcement. If you want to increase its added value, it can be further processed through a carbon black grinding mill.
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In the production process, the cracked coarse carbon black has a particle size of about 50-60 mesh. Use a carbon black mill to crack the coarsely ground carbon black to more than 325 mesh. The quality of N-grade carbon black can be used in the rubber and plastic industry as a foundation, reinforcing agent, filler or colorant.
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