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What equipment is best for crushing volcanic rocks into sand?

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Volcanic stone is vitreous lava formed after volcanic eruptions. It has the advantages of high strength, good thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound absorption, corrosion resistance, and no pollution. The processed volcanic stone products have been widely used in construction, electric power, chemical industry, and metallurgy. , textile, coal and other departments. After crushing, volcanic stone can be turned into 0.5-2 cm sand and gravel. It is widely used in foundation construction of roads, bridges, buildings, dams, etc. It has high strength, high hardness, and good wear resistance. Advantages: Crushing volcanic rocks requires the use of corresponding crushing equipment. From raw ore to sand, volcanic rocks require crushing equipment, sand making equipment and auxiliary production equipment.

The hardness of volcanic stone is 5.08 MPa, which is a relatively hard ore. When crushing it, it is necessary to choose an extrusion crusher with strong pressure resistance and good wear resistance.
Jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing: Jaw crusher mainly uses the interaction of movable jaw plate and static jaw plate to crush rocks. A piece of rock is broken through splitting, breaking, squeezing, shearing, etc., due to various Due to the effect of force, the final particle shape is more three-dimensional, the needle content is less, and the particle size is more uniform, which facilitates subsequent processing.
Cone crusher is used for fine crushing: the cone crusher mainly uses the interaction between the internal eccentric shaft and the rolling mortar wall to crush the stone. The mountain stone is mainly crushed by extrusion, grinding, kneading, etc., and the resulting material has a neat particle shape. According to Depending on the number and structure of hydraulic cylinders, they are divided into multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, compound cone crushers and fully hydraulic cone crushers. According to the different processing needs of users, the appropriate cone crusher can be selected. 
Sand making uses VSI sand making machine: VSI sand making machine is also called a new type of sand making machine. Compared with traditional sand making machines, VSI sand making machine adopts two crushing methods of stone on stone and stone on iron, which makes the crushing effect better and has a deep cavity. The design of the rotor makes the one-time throughput larger and the overall production capacity higher. The design of the hydraulic cover opening is more convenient for later inspection and maintenance. The finished product produced by the whole machine has high three-dimensional content, reasonable gradation, and adjustable fineness modulus. It is Ideal equipment for sand making processing of volcanic stone.

Complete set of volcanic stone crushing and sanding equipment

1. Equipment quality is reliable and failure rate is low: Both the main crushing and sand making equipment and auxiliary production equipment are made of advanced technology and high-quality wear-resistant materials, which can greatly reduce the overall failure rate and reduce downtime and maintenance. expenses and improve later operating income.
2. The finished product has high taste and wide market: the finished product produced by the process has high three-dimensional content, few needle pieces, and reasonable gradation. Coarse, medium, and small gravel aggregates and stone chips each account for a certain proportion of the mixture, and its The particle composition complies with specified grading requirements.
3. High degree of automation, saving labor management costs: Integrating advanced intelligent operation technology, multiple operations can be controlled remotely, which not only reduces manual management costs, but also ensures operation accuracy and achieves safe, precise, and high-yield operations. .
4. Complete environmental protection measures can achieve green production: the production line is located outdoors, so it is equipped with professional dust collectors, spray devices and noise reduction devices, which greatly reduces dust and noise pollution.



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