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Waste glass processing equipment

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Use of glass powder

There are many ways to recycle waste glass. After being simply broken, it can be sold to a glass factory and returned to the furnace for reuse; glass granules below 10mm can be used in road construction, building bricks, glass wool, honeycomb materials, etc.; glass granules below 5mm can be used in the construction of artificial In the slate; if it is finer, the accuracy is reduced to less than 0.5mm, and the glass powder can be used to make reflector materials, decorative materials, etc.
glass after powder

Equipment for processing waste glass

1. Hammer crusher is used to prepare glass particles below 10mm
Hammer crusher is a small processing equipment for waste glass. It mainly relies on the impact of hammer to crush glass, which can achieve one-time crushing and shaping without the need for secondary crushing and shaping. The discharge is about 0.25-10mm, and the conversion of coarse, medium and fine crushing can be realized by changing the cavity type. The finished product has no flakes, no smooth body, and has multiple corners and edges to ensure compressive strength.
hammer crusher
2. Raymond mill is used to prepare glass particles below 0.5mm
The commonly used equipment of waste glass mill is Raymond mill, with daily output of 8-78 tons, processing particle size ≤ 25mm, finished product particle size between 0.173-0.044mm, grinding Mohs hardness not greater than 9.3, humidity 6 % or less of solid materials. Its small footprint, intelligent operating system, and new pulse dust removal equipment, complete dust removal, reduce pollution, uniform discharge, high sorting accuracy, and high quality of finished fine powder.
Raymond mill

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