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How to use marble scraps?

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Marble originally refers to limestone with black patterns. It is a metamorphic rock formed by the original rock in the earth's crust through high temperature and high pressure in the earth's crust. It is often used to process various shapes and plates for walls, floors, platforms, and columns of buildings. At the same time, some leftovers will be produced, which will easily pollute the environment if discarded, so how can the marble leftovers be reused?

How to use the marble scrap?

Marble is usually suitable for crafts, sculptures, decorative buildings and other fields. It will produce a lot of waste, scraps and leftovers during the cutting process. Although these scraps are hard and difficult to break, they are all It is a very good resource for secondary use. It is a waste to lose it. It only needs to be further processed before it can be used again.
marble scraps reuse
Can marble scraps be made into stones? After crushing, stones of 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm and other specifications can be obtained, which have the characteristics of no deformation, good rigidity, strong wear resistance, small temperature deformation, and long service life. Not only is it easy to sell, but also the price is high. At present, marble waste processed into stones costs 40-102 yuan per ton on the market.
Used in construction, chemical industry, rubber industry, used in road construction, mixed with cement, asphalt, etc., to become a solid roadbed filler, and can also be used as artificial sand, foundry sand, marble mosaic, etc., as well as fillers in paint, plastics and other industries.

What are the marble processing equipment?

Marble is mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite. The size of the scraps is different, and the Mohs hardness is between 2.5 and 5. Considering all aspects of the material, the marble processing equipment is recommended to choose jaw crusher, cone crushers and impact crushers are more suitable. In addition, consider the output and the size of finished stones to make a reasonable choice.
Jaw Crusher-Head Crusher Coarse Crushing
It is used for one-stage crushing, and it is suitable for large feed size. It adopts the working principle of extrusion crushing. The crushing chamber is composed of two jaw plates, the movable jaw and the static jaw, and the crushing operation is completed by simulating the movement of the two jaws of animals. Because of its optimized motion parameters, the crushing chamber is deep , There is no dead zone, and the crushing ratio is larger, there will be no material blocking, there are wedges to adjust the discharge opening, which reduces the labor intensity and downtime of workers, and the particle size is uniform, which is conducive to the secondary crushing treatment. At the same time, the motor base and The host integrated structure makes installation easier and saves space.
jaw crusher
Cone Crusher-12/13 Stones
As a secondary crushing process, the principle of laminated crushing is adopted, and the rolling mortar wall moves to the crushing wall to extrude the material. The discharge port is adjusted by the hydraulic motor, and the adjustment operation is convenient. Different cavity types can be selected according to different needs to better meet the needs of users. , At the same time, the fully automatic control system of PLC+touch screen ensures safe operation, and the finished products are mostly cubic structures, which reduces needle-like materials.
cone crusher
Impact Crusher-05 Stone
As a finely crushed sand, it also has the effect of shaping, and can produce silica sand. It adopts the combination of two working methods of stone-on-rock and stone-on-iron. The impeller in the deep cavity and the impact angle of the crushing cavity are improved to increase the throughput. The middle and peripheral feeding can be adjusted flexibly. At the same time, the combined throwing head is adopted, only the worn parts need to be replaced, and the surrounding guard plate can be turned up and down, which reduces the cost of use. The hydraulic cover opening device is convenient for maintenance.
impact crusher

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