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Special Grinding Mill for Talc

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Talc milling process

Talc milling is generally divided into talc coarse powder processing (0~3mm), fine powder processing (20 mesh~400 mesh), and ultrafine powder processing of talc (400 mesh~1250 mesh) and micro powder processing (1250 mesh~3250 mesh) ) four types.
1. Talc crushing
The talc is roughly crushed by a crusher to obtain small particles (15~45mm), which are stored in a material tank for the next step of grinding.
2. Talc mill feed
The small talc particles crushed by the crusher are input into the main machine of the pulverizer through the quantitative weighing feeder, and an iron remover is installed on the feeding conveyor belt to remove iron filings.
3. Talc grinding powder
After the talc crushed material enters the mill, it is rolled by the pressure of the grinding roller and becomes powder. The qualified powder is sent to the powder separator at the top of the mill by a high-pressure fan, and the unqualified powder is returned to the mill for re-grinding.
4. Talc powder collection packaging
The talcum powder passing through the air duct is collected by the air flow through the dust collector, and then the finished product is obtained, and the finished product is put into the bag using the packaging machine.

Application fields of talcum powder

Talc can be used in a wide range of applications after being processed by a pulverizer. It is used for various feeds below 200 mesh, such as fish feed, etc., as well as other additives. 200mesh-325mesh is used for drilling, papermaking, etc. Above 325 mesh is used for chemical additives.

Special talc mill recommended

50-325 mesh-Raymond Mill
Raymond mill
325-2500 mesh-Ultrafine grinding mill
ultrafine grinding mill
ultrafine grinding mill
150-3000 mesh-Vertical roller mill
vertical roller mill

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