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What are the dolomite crushers

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There are two kinds of dolomite: iron dolomite and manganese dolomite, which belong to a kind of carbonate minerals. When encountering cold dilute hydrochloric acid, it will react violently. At the same time, dolomite is also the main component of dolomite and dolomitic limestone. It is used in the fields of chemical industry, energy saving, environmental protection, refractory materials, etc. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and water resistance, and can be better used.


What are the dolomite crushers?

There are many kinds of crushers that can crush dolomite. Currently, the most popular crushers are jaw crusher, impact crusher and counter-roll crusher.


1. Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher has a comparative advantage in the design of the crushing cavity, and the amount of dolomite processed is very large, and the phenomenon of material blocking the feeding port will not occur at the feeding port.
jaw crusher machine.jpg
It can crush large pieces of dolomite without pre-crushing treatment. Made of wear-resistant materials, the service life of the equipment is extended.
jaw crusher.png
Not only can the continuous operation of dolomite be carried out, but also in the process of continuous operation, the operation is stable, safe and reliable, the output is high, the noise is low, and the vibration is small, which will not affect the lives of people around.


2. Impact crusher

The rapid adjustment of the discharge particle size effectively controls the discharge particle size of the dolomite, and the obtained dolomite has a very good particle shape.
impact crusher machine.jpg
Using wear-resistant chromium, molybdenum and vanadium alloy materials, it can crush dolomite with high hardness, and there will be no equipment wear.
The impact crusher has a low and large feeding port, which can process a large amount of dolomite, and the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction of the equipment is very good.
impact crusher.png
The full hydraulic opening device is convenient for the maintenance and replacement of equipment parts, which is very convenient and quick to replace, and shortens the downtime during equipment maintenance.


3. Roller Crusher

The dolomite crushed by the roller crusher can be better used by people and can meet the different needs of all customers. It is a very good dolomite crusher.
The environmental protection effect is good, the crushing process will not cause pollution to the environment, and will not threaten the lives of the surrounding people, and the dolomite can be crushed better.
roller crusher.png
It adopts vertical structure design, small size, light weight, small footprint and high crushing efficiency, which can not only improve the crushing capacity of the equipment, but also improve the passing capacity of dolomite.
The particle size of the dolomite is effectively controlled, the particle size of the crushed dolomite is uniform, and the probability of over-powdering is very low, which simplifies the crushing process and reduces the production cost.

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