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What equipment is needed to produce bentonite cat litter?

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 Bentonite sand, also known as cat litter, is a kind of sand processed with bentonite. Because of its special properties such as cohesiveness, adsorption, and catalytic properties, it is the best choice for the production of cat litter. What equipment is needed to produce bentonite cat litter?

The production process of bentonite sand is the same as that of general machine-made sand, and the required equipment is the same. The main equipment is: jaw crusher, impact crusher and sand making machine.
The specific production process of bentonite cat litter is as follows: large pieces of bentonite are firstly crushed with a jaw crusher, and the stone after primary crushing is about 10 cm, and then crushed to about 50 mm with an impact crusher, and then enters the sand making machine for fine crushing sand.
jaw crushersand making machine
After being crushed by a sand making machine, the material can reach a particle size of 0-5mm, and its appearance is very good, which meets the production standards of cat litter and can be used directly!
Generally, the price of a set of bentonite cat litter equipment is more than 200,000. If the production capacity, output granularity and other requirements are different, the scale of the equipment used is also different, and the price will naturally be different. For example, the cost quotation of cat litter production line equipment with an output of 20 tons per hour is definitely different from that of a cat litter production line with an output of 200 tons per hour.
In addition, the quotation of the equipment is actually affected by some other factors, such as: the increase of steel raw materials, the manufacturer's brand, etc., so I want to know how much it costs to invest in a cat litter production line equipment? Or please consult the specific equipment manufacturer according to the actual production situation.

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