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Lime industrial milling equipment

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 Introduction to Lime

The main component of lime is calcium oxide, which is calcined at 900-100 degrees using limestone, dolomite, chalk and shells with high calcium carbonate content. At the same time, it is also a kind of gelling material that has been applied earlier, which can be used not only in civil engineering but also in medicine. The utilization value is quite high, and it can serve people's lives well.


Lime milling requires the use of milling equipment. At present, there are many types of lime milling equipment. According to different construction conditions, the types and models of milling equipment selected by customers are also different. Below we will introduce several commonly used lime milling equipment:


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Several kinds of grinding equipment commonly used for lime

Under normal circumstances, the commonly used grinding equipment for lime is Raymond mill, high-pressure micro-powder mill, ultra-fine mill, high-strength mill and three-ring mill.


1. Raymond mill


raymond mill


Raymond mill is currently the most widely used grinding equipment on the market. It has a very good grinding effect on lime, and the resulting lime has very fine fineness, which can meet the requirements of different customers for lime fineness.


In addition, the equipment can perform continuous lime grinding operations, and the probability of failure during the operation is very low, which reduces the customer's operating costs. The environmental protection measures have been done very well, fully meeting the environmental protection standards set by the country, and truly playing a role in environmental protection. It not only improves the surrounding environment, but also does not affect people's life at night. It has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, high output, stable operation, low noise, and low vibration. It is a very good lime grinding equipment.


2. High pressure micro powder mill





High pressure micro powder mill can also be referred to as micro powder mill for short. Like other grinding equipment, this equipment is also suitable for lime grinding operations and is used for lime ultra-fine powder processing. It has high utilization value. All parts are It is made of durable materials and craftsmanship.


It has strong wear resistance and impact resistance, improves the overall wear resistance of the equipment, reduces the number of failures, and makes it run more smoothly. To a certain extent, the service life of the equipment is also prolonged. The advantages of this equipment are high output, environmental protection, low noise, low vibration, safety and reliability. In addition, the price of the equipment is still very low, which is very suitable for everyone to buy.


3. Ultrafine vertical mill


vertical roller mill


The ultra-fine vertical mill is used for the grinding operation of lime with a humidity below 6%. The fineness of the finished lime can be adjusted between 325-3000 meshes, which meets the needs of customers. In the process of lime grinding, the vibration is small, the noise is low, and it is environmentally friendly, and it will not disturb the lives of people around. What's more important is that the equipment has very little over-powdering phenomenon, and the service life is 3-5 times that of other milling equipment.


In addition, continuous grinding of lime can be carried out, and the oil filling of the roller bearing chamber will not be affected during the continuous grinding process. The operation and maintenance are also very convenient, which reduces the downtime of the equipment. , Is the preferred equipment for lime milling.


4. High-strength mill


The high-strength mill can also become a high-strength mill. It is a new type of mill with international advanced level. There are many models, each model is very suitable for the grinding operation of lime, and the fineness of the finished lime can be It can be adjusted at will between 80-425 meshes, and the degree of automation is very high, especially the electrical centralized control system of the equipment, which can basically realize unmanned operation to complete the work. The operation and maintenance are also very convenient, and the parts can be quickly carried out. The replacement of the equipment will not delay the construction progress of the equipment.


The wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials, which improves the wear resistance of the whole machine and runs more smoothly, which improves the efficiency of the equipment for grinding lime, and the overall economy of the customer Benefits have also improved.


5. Three-ring mill


The three-ring mill is mainly used for the processing of fine powder and superfine powder of lime. It has a very good energy-saving and consumption-reducing effect and can effectively increase the output of lime. In the case of the same finished product fineness and material, the wear degree of the parts of the three-ring mill is very low, which shows that the wear resistance of the three-ring mill is very good.


three-ring mill


The equipment is equipped with a special dust collector and silencer to protect the surrounding environment from being polluted and truly play a role in environmental protection. In addition, the quality and performance of the equipment are also very good, which effectively guarantees the normal operation of the equipment, reduces the number of equipment repairs, and reduces the corresponding customer's operating costs, which can save customers a portion of money.


In addition to the several commonly used equipment for lime milling mentioned above, customers can also choose other types of milling equipment according to different needs. In short, no matter what type of equipment, you must choose the more suitable one.




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