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Notes of Using Grinding Aid in Micro Powder Mill

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 According to experiences, grinding aid can well improve the grinding efficiency of Micro Powder Mills. But it is just suit for the right aid, otherwise, the results will be quite different. So we would like to share some experiences with investors who are in superfine grinding industry.
In practice, the utilization of grinding aid don’t fit for multi-hole and incompact minerals. Because of the property of these materials, they are easy to be grinded and offer grinding aid little time to enter the cracks and realize its value.
According to grinding aid theories, only grinding aid fall to the cracks of grinding material, can the aid start to work. Once the grinding force is very powerful, the minerals will be broken directly, the efficiency of grinding aid is tiny. So operators can lower the Rev of Micro Powder Mill and give grinding aid enough time. Actually, it is good for save the energy consumption.
Besides the above questions, operators also should care the property of slurry. Even the same grinding aid and the same mineral, the different slurry properties will cause different results. For example, DTAC as grinding aid of quartz can work very well in alkaline slurry, but it is even counterproductive in acid slurry. So operators must obey engineer’s suggestions when they use the Micro Powder Mill.

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