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Configuration of reducer for HGM Micro Powder Mill

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Different Fineness and Output of HGM Micro Powder Mill determine different model of power plant you need to configure, Shanghai Clirik deploy belt conveyor for small Micro Powder Mill when large Micro Powder Mill machine is configured reducer in the development of design new high pressure Micro Powder Mill. So in a HGM reducer installation should pay attention to the choice of gear type and precautions, as far as possible in accordance with the ideal gear ratio selection, gear serve to motor speed / reducer output shaft speed.
For power is usually available in the market for power servo species, the applicability of the gearhead high duty factor can be maintained at 1.2 or more, it can also be used according to their needs. The life of the gear unit, the torque calculation is very important to pay attention to the acceleration and maximum torque value (TP) does not exceed the maximum load torque reducer.
Raymond reducer model's selection should be paid attention to two aspects: first is the choice of the servo motor output shaft can not exceed the maximum use of the form shaft; second is that if the calculations by the torque, speed to meet the usual operation, but if there is a full servo output shortage phenomenon, we can drive the motor side next to the limit to make the appropriate flow control can also be done in the mechanical shaft torque protection. This will reduce some of the effects.
For HGM Micro Powder Mill the time it work need to provide high levels of pressure, sofor any part of the machine.Must choose the most suitable, gear must be selected in accordance with the appropriate type, the correct specifications to meet certain strength, Heat balance and other conditions, so as to ensure the normal work
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