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Wearing parts of powder grinding mill

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Powder grinding mill will result in normal wear after long operation. However, many customers have reflected to us that their Powder grinding mills cannot be used long due to badly wearing. Therefore, what are the reasons causing the quicker wear? The experts from Shanghai Clirik have summed up the following conditions:
1. Generally speaking, the material to be ground by Powder grinding mill is too hard with the maximum hardness no more than Mohs 9. The higher the hardness is, the more working capacity the grinding roll and grinding rill have. Little material uncontinuously ground in the grinding cavity without required fineness will not be blown up to the classifier. Therefore, the working capacity has been raised while the yield has not been so high.
2. The material ground by Powder grinding mill is too wet. If so, the material will adhere to the surface of grinding roll and grinding ring, unable to be blown away by the blower. At the same time, the grinding roll and grinding ring are working all the time without material discharging, which will increase the wearing degree of grinding roll and grinding ring without high yield.
3. The long usage and deformation of grinding roll and grinding ring will result in the irregular operation of all parts in the grinding cavity, and mutual friction and collision, which will increase the wearing degree of grinding roll and grinding ring.
4. The tramp iron in the material will worsen the grinding roll and grinding ring. Generally speaking, if the raw material has some tramp iron, it is better to add de-ironing separator or powerful magnet.
5. The material of grinding roll and grinding ring is not so good. The formal material should be high manganese 13 (the content of manganese is 13%). However, some small factories exchange it to manganese 6 (the content of manganese is only 2-2.5%) in order to save cost. The price of manganese13 and manganese 65 enjoys a huge difference and the rub proofness of both types of manganese is incomparable. Therefore, the quicker wearing of grinding roll and grinding ring has close relation to the material
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