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How Many Types of Lubricant for Micro Powder Grinding Mill?

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In order to work better for micro powder grinding mill, we need to add lubricant for it. The function of lubricant lies in that it can reduce the working time and reduce the wearing condition and prolong the working service life.


Briefly speaking, there are four kinds of lubricant for micro powder grinding mill, namely solid lubricant, liquid lubricant, air lubricant and half-solid lubricant. Among these different kinds of lubricant, the half-solid lubricant is the most popular one and is applied widely.

When the micro powder grinding mill is at work, the environment is bad, only suitable lubricant can reach the effects of reducing wearing. Therefore, when you are choose to buy grinding mill, you not only need to consider the model of grinding mill but also consider the local environment. For example, in winter, we should avoid the solidification phenomenon.

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