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What is the Price Difference Among Different Kinds of Powder Grinding Mills?

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Powder grinding mills refer to the machine that can grind various ores into micro powder, whose market price exists certain differences due to their unique materials selection, performance. While what is the price difference among different kinds of powder grinding mills?

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Firstly let us see its types. Industrial powder making machine is divided into Raymond, European version coarse grinding mill, micro powder grinding mill, 3R grinding mills etc, over decades of kinds. Different kinds may be different in raw materials selection, using performance and manufacturing technique, therefore, the market quotation will also be different. Several kinds of powder grinding mills will be more expensive in powder making industry, for example, European version coarse grinding mill, vertical roller grinding mill.

Secondly, different model has different price, which is more understandable. The bigger the model, the complicated the manufacturing process, the price is naturally higher. What’s more, the large scale powder grinding mill has higher capacity than small ones.

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