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Why your micro powder grinding mill is of low efficiency?

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Frequently, we will hear of some complaints from customers about their micro powder grinding mill getting increasing lower in efficiency. There are numerous reasons among which crafts and grinding mill condition are the two main reasons which exerted great impact on the grinding ratio.

Micro powder mill

1.The grinding material humidity of micro powder grinding mill is too high, that is to say, wet materials are easy to be clung to the grinding mill and easy to plug in the process of transmission, which lessens grinding mill capacity.

2.Grinding mill lacks of cleaning and crafts procedure of cleaning equipment, materials are not pure but are filled with sundries.

3.The bad working conditions of micro powder grinding mill techniques. The working conditions of micro powder grinding mill technique refers to the roller part which is used for a long time and the grinding gear has become blunt, which lowers the grinding effect immensely.

Get hang of these information, I am sure you will be more cautious of them and pays more attention to the aspect of getting your grinding mill work more efficiently. If you want to know more about some related information and want to buy a kind of high efficiency grinding mill, you can scan our website and leave your questions, we will ask professional personnel to give you the best answer.


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