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How to Maintain and Repair Ball Mill

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When we use ball mill, daily maintain and repair is a regular work. Repair work is the key to influence the operation rate and service life of ball mill. How to maintain and repair ball mill during the working process, about it, I will give you the following description:


1. All lubricants in the ball mill should be all replaced which put into continuous operation more than one month.

2. When the mill operation, the main bearing lubricating oil temperature does not exceed 55 ℃.


ball mill


3. Each connection no loose fasteners, combined with no surface oil spills, leak-free, seamless mine phenomenon.

4. According to wear, the ball should be added in time.

5. The feed screw wear and tear should be timely access to welding, welding should not be worn to be replaced. Anchor bolts loose or damaged should be repaired.

When we use the ball mill, maintain and repair is a regular work, repair work is the key to influence the ball mill operation rate and service life. In order to detect hidden dangers of the ball mill in time and ensure the ball mill normal operation, in addition to routine maintenance, but also need to periodically stop grinding, check carefully for the important parts, and detailed records.


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