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Health Benefits of Calcium Carbonate Powder

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After processed by Calcium Carbonate Micro Powder Production Line, it has a wide use. 

1.Calcium supplements that contain calcium carbonate are prescribed by doctors as a remedy for diarrhea or as an antacid.

2.A combination of calcium carbonate and magnesium helps to reduce diarrhea among people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

3.It has gastric antacid qualities and is used as a medication for symptoms like heartburn and stomach upset caused by acidity.

4.It is also used to treat GERD and Peptic ulcers. 

Calcium Carbonate grinding mill

5.It is used as a dietary supplement as it is rich in calcium, and can be of help in the treatment of hyperphosphatemia.

6.Calcium supplements (in the form of calcium carbonate) are effective in treating certain ailments related to calcium deficiency like bone loss and osteoporosis.

7.Calcium supplements help control high blood pressure during pregnancy.

8.They are used in managing premenstrual syndrome symptoms. 

9.It helps maintain the overall pH balance of the body.


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