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Clirik Micro Powder Mill for Calcium Carbonate Powder Grinding

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In order to adapt to the calcium carbonate scale, fine production, improve product quality, improve the product structure, to achieve the target of similar foreign products, improve the market competitiveness of the products.

Application of micro powder mill in the production of calcium carbonate powder
Our company is a customer uses micro powder mill and two grade with the production of ultrafine ground calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate powder with an annual output of 50000 T, the product structure of 325 ~ 2500 mesh.
800 mesh products using micro powder mill produced 325 ~, to meet the market demand for ordinary heavy calcium powder, give full play to the scale and energy saving advantages of micro powder mill;
Secondly by using fine classification equipment on the part of 325 ~ 800 mesh products for the two or three grade, 1000 ~ 2500 to production of high-grade fine powder, meet the demand for high-end market, give full play to the fine grading and energy saving advantages of grading equipment;

At the end of the classification by wet grinding or jet mill things were fine grinding equipment, production of 2500 ~ 6500 objective ultra fine powder, meet the demand for high-end (production technology of 2 as shown in the figure). This is achieved scale TSP industrialization and fine product, and improve the product structure.

The enterprise has been the basic shape, fine production scale TSP, also can say is a beneficial exploration of TSP fine scale industries products. With the application of LM130K, LM150K and other large superfine grinding, accelerate or promote the development process of fine calcium carbonate industry scale products will.

micro powder mill is a energy saving technology equipment vigorously advocate, the added value of non-metallic mineral products processing is not high, energy-saving means to improve the economic benefits of the. Application of high efficiency energy saving vertical, help accelerate the process of non fine scale products metal mining industry, achieve higher economic benefits.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd is the professional calcium carbonate powder Production line manufacturer, devoted to the calcium carbonate powder process more than 10 years.Clirik can supply Vertical Roller mill,Raymond Mill,Ball Mill,Ultrafine mill,Hammer mill used for calcium carbonate grinding.and supply hammer crusher,jaw crusher,cone crusher,impact crusher for calcium carbonate crushing,our company have gotten the ISO9001:2008 and CE certification.If you want to know the complete calcium carbonate powder production line price,pls contact with us

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