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Introduction and use of 325 mesh barite micro powder mill

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Barite is also called barium sulfate,Barite is an important non-metallic minerals. Barite is widely used as oil wells, gas wells plus gold agents, it is also widely used in paints and coatings, the most versatile, the largest amount to the number of 325 mesh and dried barite powder, how to produce barite powder 325 mesh it?
We start with the usual barite grinding mill equipment. Conventional barite grinding machine is Raymond mill and micro powder mill.
Raymond works under the centrifugal force roller tightly rolled on the grinding ring, the shovel blade materials to the roller and the grinding ring, the shovel blade materials to roll grinding and grinding middle of the ring, the material in the grinding effects of stress broken into powder.
micro powder mill operation is driven by the cylinder internal ball toss - scroll down, the material for crushing and grinding.
The difference between these two devices in the production of barium powder of 325 mesh where?
First, the equipment investment Raymond mill and micro powder mill: when the production of 5t / h of equipment investment, a micro powder mill will be about 25 percent larger than Raymond mill.
Second, from the life of Raymond mill and micro powder mill: Raymond roller and blade loss is very large, essentially producing one week, it needs to be replaced once the roller, equipment overall maintenance rate. Ball is hit by the ball - milling, grinding to achieve, so the device is very low loss, as long as the bearing portion proper care, equipment maintenance only once a year.
Third, from the effect of Raymond mill and micro powder mill: Raymond mill is ultra-fine powder material for grinding and development, generally used to grind grain size of 500 mesh or more ultra-fine powder, used to grind barium powder 325 mesh, larger power loss ,With the improvement of the production process mill, micro powder mill now have adopted the basic bearing, thereby greatly reducing the power required for the production of barium powder 325 mesh.
Therefore, The above several factors, more and more of barium powder processing enterprises are choosing ultrafine mill system, namely barium powder mill after grinding into the wind separator, in line with barium powder product size is divided elected, bagging sale, less than the finished size of barium powder into a micro powder mill continued to grind. This set of system equipment into a small, stable operation, low failure rate and maintenance rate, gradually gained recognition barium powder processing enterprises.

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