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Good Features of Micro Powder Grinding Mill

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As we all know, that the micro powder grinding mill also be called superfine powder grinding mill, ultra fine mill and micro powder making machines. However, do you know what’s the advantages the micro powder grinding mill has?

First, there is no rolling bearing and screw inside in the grinding chamber, so that there is no damage problem of bearing or its sealing parts, and there is no machine damage problem caused by loose screw. The lubricating device is installed outside of the main shaft, so that lubrication without shutdown can be realized externally, and the production can be continued for 24h.

micro powder grinding mill

Newly designed grinding curves of grinding roller and grinding ring further enhance the grinding efficiency. With the same finish fineness and power, the production capacity is 40% higher than that of jet mill and stirred mill, and the yield is twice as large as that of ball mill. However, the system energy consumption is only 30% of the common grinding mills.

Our micro powder grinding mill produced with German technology is adopted to effectively increase the powder separating precision; in addition, multi-head cage type separator can be configured according to the users’ requirements on yield, fineness and sieving rate. The product fineness can be adjusted between 300-3000 meshes, and can achieve d97≤5μm once.



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